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Call for Interview Sensa 2022 MOROGORO |

Call for Interview Sensa 2022 MOROGORO | | Majina ya Sensa. Population and housing census is a process of collecting, analyzing, evaluating and publishing and disseminating demographic, economic and social data related to all persons and their settlements in a country for a specified period.

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In other words, the census is a special exercise aimed at finding the total population in a country, by age and gender, place of residence and status of education, employment status, birth status and mortality and housing status. Call for Interview Sensa 2022 MOROGORO

Call for Interview Sensa 2022 MOROGORO

Morogoro Region officially started in 1962 with three Districts namely Morogoro Kilosa and Ulanga. It is the second largest region in the country at present, preceded by Tabora Region. Morogoro Region is the second largest region in the country after Tabora Region.

The province has an area of 73,039 square kilometers. This area is equivalent to 7.7 percent of the total area of Mainland Tanzania, out of this area 2,240 Km2 is the water area. The region is bordered by the Coast and Lindi Regions on the East, Manyara and Tanga on the North and on the West by the Dodoma and Iringa Regions and on the South by the Ruvuma and Njombe Regions.

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Preparations for the 2022 Population and Housing Census

The implementation of the population and housing census takes place in three main phases which are Pre-Census Period, Census Period and Post-Census Period.

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