Download Copy ya Kitambulisho cha Taifa NIDA |Download Your NIDA Number and Copy Online.

Do you struggle to get NIDA Identification card, here we discuss how to Download Copy ya Kitambulisho cha Taifa NIDA online through your Mobile Phone.

Download Copy ya Kitambulisho cha Taifa NIDA

The National Identification Authority has announced new way of get your Identification card through your Mobile phone.


This will help many citizen to get their Identification card easy, as you know few time ago it take many long process to get your Identification Card after being registered in NIDA System.

Here in this article we have explain about how to get your Identification card copy on mobile phone easy, and its legal to use it in different areas, Download Copy ya Kitambulisho cha Taifa NIDA.

Because this way of get your NIDA ID card copy online was approved by the official system and it done by them Self.

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Thing to have before download Kitambulisho cha Taifa NIDA

Before anything else you need the following in order to get you NIDA ID Soft copy:

  • Smart phone or Computer
  • Internet connection
  • You NIDA personal details like mother names, your names, Date of Birth.

How to download NIDA ID Copy Online

  • Visit NIDA service website
  • Fill your Personal details
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Date of Birth
    • Mother Names
  • Enter Security code
  • Select TUMA

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