GDE Online Application for 2023 Admission APPLY HERE

GDE Online Application for 2023 Admission APPLY HERE, online registration for Grade 8 2023, Online registration for Grade 8 2023 Gauteng school. We are committed to providing functional and modern schools that enable quality teaching and learning, that protect and promote the right of every learner to quality, equitable and relevant education. GDE Online Application for 2023

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The Gauteng Department of Education is mandated to provide compulsory basic education to all learners in the province progressively.

GDE Online Application for 2023.

When applying for Grade 1 and Grade 8 during the 2023 GDE Online Admissions applications period, parents must complete the following 5 steps to submit a complete application

  • Step 1: Register parent details
  • Step 2: Register address details
  • Step 3: Register learner details
  • Step 4: Apply to a maximum of 5 Schools
  • Step 5: Upload or submit documents

Please note:

  • Parents are encouraged to use home address within school feeder zone application option to see schools with feeder zones that cover the
    parent’s home address
  • To increase the chances of placement closer to the parent’s home address, parents should select schools with feeder zones that cover the parent’s home address
  • Parents will be able to apply to a minimum of 3 schools and a maximum of 5 schools for each learner
  • Parents cannot make more than one application for one learner to the same school
  • Parents must remember to read and accept the terms and conditions Applications will be from 22 July 2022–19 August 2022 To apply, log in to


Parents and guardians who will be applying for their children going to Grade 1 and Grade 8 in the 2023 academic year must prepare certified copies of the documents mentioned below.

When applying for GDE Online Application for 2023, parents and guardians must have certified copies of the following documents and either upload them to the system OR submit them physically only to the schools chosen when applying within 7 days of applying:

  • Parent/Guardian ID OR Passport
  • Child ID OR South African Birth Certificate OR Passport
  • Refugee Permit OR Asylum Seeker Permit OR Permanent Residence Permit OR Study Permit
  • Proof of Home Address
  • Proof of Work Address (Optional, for those applying at a school closer to work)
  • Latest School Report and Clinic Card/Immunisation Report (Grade 1 only)

NB: Parents must choose to either upload or submit documents. Parents cannot both upload and submit document Parents must ensure that the details they enter on the system match the information on the documents they will upload or submit.

GDE Online Application for 2023

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