Golden State Warriors 2022/2023 Predictions

Golden State Warriors 2022/2023 Predictions

Golden State Warriors 2022/2023 Predictions. In the NBA, teams have a finite amount of time to win a championship. With players aging and contracts coming to an end, every team has a limited window to win a title. While some teams lock up their best players with long-term contracts to give them the best chance of winning now, others trade those same players at peak value to set themselves up for future success.

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The Golden State Warriors are one of the latter. The Warriors are in an excellent position moving forward because they have locked up their core players with cost-effective contracts that don’t restrict them from signing other key free agents or making trades as they continue their climb towards another NBA title. Golden State Warriors 2022/2023 Predictions

That’s not to say that other teams haven’t done this before; they just didn’t do it with such perfect timing. Let’s take a look at how these deals impact the Warriors over the next few years, and what their chances are of bringing home another championship during that time span.

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Golden State Warriors 2022/2023 Predictions

The Warriors have one massive move looming during the 2022 offseason, and it has to do with Klay Thompson. Golden State will have to decide whether or not to offer Klay a max contract worth close to $40 million annually. The team can also choose to let him walk and let him sign for another team. If the Warriors offer Klay a max deal, he will be 31 years old when that contract ends. At that point, Golden State will have to pay him either $100 million as a 35-year-old in the last year of his contract or $36 million to keep him on their team for two more seasons. On the other hand, if they don’t offer him a max deal, he can sign for another team for the max, and that team would be on the hook for the entirety of the contract. Golden State Warriors 2022/2023 Predictions

Golden State Warriors 2022-2023: Klay Thompson’s Extension and Dewayne Dedmon’s Contract

With Klay’s contract situation being the biggest focus of the 2022 offseason, the Warriors have also made another move to have more money available to pay Klay.

In October of 2021, the Warriors traded Kevon Looney, who is set to make $1.5 million next season, and $3 million the following season, to the Atlanta Hawks for Dewayne Dedmon. Dedmon will be an unrestricted free agent in the 2022 offseason, but it is expected that he will be offered a new contract before then, and the Warriors will have the ability to match any offer. While Dedmon doesn’t provide anything as a scorer, he is a great rebounder, has one of the best interior defensive reputations in the league, and can shoot from the free-throw line. Golden State Warriors 2022/2023 Predictions

GSW 2023 Offseason

The Warriors will have another decision to make in the 2023 offseason, but this one will be a lot easier than the previous one. With Draymond Green likely retiring around this time, the Warriors will need to either pay him $100 million as a 35-year-old or $36 million to keep him on the team for his final season. While Green has been a critical part of the Warriors’ success over the last five years, his contract situation could also have a negative impact on Golden State’s chances at re-signing Steph Curry, Andre Iguodala, and Shaun Livingston.

GSW 2022/2023 Klay Thompson’s Contract and the Importance of Shooting

The most obvious concern with offering Klay Thompson a max contract is the fact that he is a career 31% 3-point shooter. While the league average is 34% right now, teams have been shooting the long ball more frequently over the last few years. Golden State Warriors 2022/2023 Predictions

If this trend continues, teams will likely shoot more closely to the rim, which will make it harder for Golden State to score. With that in mind, it makes sense for the Warriors to wait until the 2023 offseason to offer Klay a max deal instead of doing so in 2022. Golden State Warriors 2022/2023 Predictions

By waiting two years, Golden State can examine whether or not teams have continued to shoot from 3, or if the league has started moving back towards the basket. If teams have moved closer to the rim, the Warriors can offer Klay a max contract with confidence that he will continue to be a productive member of the team for years to come. If the 3-point shots continue to fall, the team could offer Klay a max deal in 2022, just not at the same amount as they would in 2023 Golden State Warriors 2022/2023 Predictions

GSW 2022/23 Andre Iguodala’s Extension and Defence

Andre Iguodala has been an essential part of the Warriors’ roster for a long time, and it will likely be around for at least a few more years. While Golden State could just wait until the offseason to offer Iguodala a new contract, they are likely to do so during the season to save a bit of money. Golden State Warriors 2022/2023 Predictions

Iguodala is likely to make around $18 million next season, and the team could save around $7 million by waiting until he is a free agent to offer him a new contract. By offering the 12-year veteran an extension during the upcoming season, Iguodala will have one more year left on his contract when Klay Thompson’s new deal comes into play. This gives the Warriors a bit of extra time to make sure that they have enough money to pay both players. Golden State Warriors 2022/2023 Predictions

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