Job Opportunities at EWURA

The Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (EWURA) is an autonomous multi-sectoral regulatory authority established by the EWURA Act Cap 414 of the laws of Tanzania. It is responsible for technical and economic regulation of the electricity, petroleum, natural gas and water sectors in Tanzania pursuant to Cap 414 and sector legislation.

The functions of EWURA include among others, to issue licenses, regulating rates and charges, making rules, monitoring the performance of the regulated sectors, facilitating resolution of complaints and disputes between service providers and consumers of regulated goods and services and disseminate information about matters relevant to its functions.


EWURA mission is “To regulate energy and water utilities in a transparent, effective and efficient manner that ensures their quality, availability and affordability” vision is To be a World Class Regulator for Sustainable Energy and Water Services.  Petroleum means any naturally occurring hydrocarbon, whether in gaseous, liquid, solid states or any naturally occurring mixture of hydrocarbons, but shall not include coal or any substance that may be extracted from coal or other rock.

Job Opportunities at EWURA

On behalf of EWURA We are looking for qualified candidate to fill announced job vacancies in various positions:


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