Job Opportunities at HJF Medical research International, 2023

HJF Medical Research International, Inc. Tanzania( HJFMRI) implements two( 2) PEPFAR supported HIV care and treatment programs through the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research( WRAIR) of the US – Department of Defence( DoD) in close collaboration with the Tanzanian Ministry of Health( MoH) and the President’s Office, Regional Administration and Original Government( PORALG).

The interventions supported under these two programs include HIV Testing Services, Adult and Pediatric Care and Treatment, PMTCT, TB/ HIV Collaboration, CECAP, Supply Chain Management, Laboratory Services, Research and Community HIV Services including DREAMS. The Southern Highlands( SHL) Program works with the Regional and Council Health Management brigades to apply these interventions in Rukwa, Katavi, Mbeya, and Songwe while in Ruvuma region, the program implements Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision( VMMC) intervention only.

The Tanzania People’s Defense Forces( TPDF) Program implements the same interventions in 21 Military Health installations in both Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar. Join us in our sweats to end the HIV epidemic in Tanzania. Be part of the winning platoon to advance global l health and save the lives of people living with HIV.

Job Opportunities at HJF Medical research International

If you need to view full details about this vacancies, READ IN PDF FILE BELOW:


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