Job Opportunities at Kisarawe District Council

Kisarawe District Council is one of 8 districts in Coast Region which situated between latitude 60 500 and 350 and between longitude 380 150E and 390 300E. It borders Mkuranga District in the East and Morogoro district in the West and Ilala Municipal of Dar es Salaam City to the Northeast, Kibaha District to the North and Rufiji District to the South. The district covers an area of 4,464

The Council is comprised of 13 departments namely Administration, Primary Education, Secondary Education, Water, Health, Works, Finance, Planning, Community Development, Agriculture, Livestock, Environment and Sanitation, Lands and natural resources.


There are six sections which include ICT, Election, and Legal, Procurement, Bee keeping and internal audit. The district is also made up of four Administrative Divisions namely Mzenga, Chole, Sungwi and Maneromango which comprise of 17 Wards with registered 66 village and 235 hamlets.

Job Opportunities at Kisarawe District Council.

On behalf of Kisarawe DC, we are Looking for Qualified candidates to fill announced job vacancies, Read full advert in pdf file below:-


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