200+ Job Opportunities at Mafinga City Council

Job Opportunities at Mafinga City Council

Mafinga Town Council is largely surrounded by Mufindi District Council to the south, west and east and north bordering Iringa Rural District Council. Mafinga town is located between Latitude 80– 90South and Logtude 35 – 36 East Greenwich.

Mafinga City Council has a temperature of 19 degrees Celsius and around 5 degrees Celsius The maximum is November and December with average temperatures of 28 degrees Celsius is June to August with temperatures between 11 and 22 degrees Celsius. The average humidity is 505 and decreases by 33 percent Overall the average rainfall is between 452 millimeters minimum and 1,000 millimeters per year.

Mafinga Town Council has an area of ​​953 square kilometers of which 936 is the dry land area and 17 is the water area. In addition, Ifwagi division leads in having the largest area (59.2 percent), followed by Malangali division (26.2 percent) and lastly is Sadani division which is 14.6 percent. Ifwagi County has a water area of ​​57.6 percent, Malangali 25.9 percent and Sadani 16.5 percent according to the following analysis


 Job Opportunities at Mafinga City Council

 Job Opportunities at Mafinga City Council
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