Job Opportunities at TASAF

Tanzania Social Action Fund (TASAF) is currently implementing Productive Social Safety Net Program which aims at protecting the Vulnerable Poor Households from severest consequences of poverty by implementing interventions that will lead to increased household incomes and opportunities while increasing consumption. 

The Second Period of TASAF Phase Three The Second Period of the Third Phase is for four years from 2020 – 2023. This period is implemented in 187 Implementation Authorities, which are all councils in Mainland Tanzania, Unguja and Pemba.


The program is implemented in all Villages/Streets/Shehia in the country. The Second Period will achieve its goals by carrying out various activities through three main areas which are money transfers that will increase household income and invest in the health and education of children.

Job Opportunities at TASAF

We are Looking for Qualified candidates to fill announced job vacancies, Read full advert in PDF File below:


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