Makato ya Kutoa Pesa NMB ATM 2023

If you’re the one user of NMB Banka here we have Makato ya Kutoa Pesa NMB ATM 2023. Also you can use it Kutoa pesa kwa Wakala.

The NMB Bank is one of the top bank in Tanzania that have Good Services and Customer care, This cause Tanzania people to choose NMB bank over others banks.


NMB Bank have other money services like loans to their customers for low interest rate that can be return by all people from different life.

Also NMB Bank user they can withdraw money from the ATM or Wakala it depends which place you lived, But Withdraw money from WAKALA have increase MAKATO than get money from ATM machine.

NMB Bank could only provide payment service as well as offer savings account, with limited lending capabilities, before becoming a fully fledged universal retail bank.

NMB Customers have been deducted some of charges when they with draw money from ATM Machine, Here we have Makato ya Kutoa Pesa NMB ATM 2023.

This will help you to know and understand how much you will be remained into your Balance after withdraw money from ATM.

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Makato ya Kutoa Pesa NMB ATM 2023

From Tsh 1,000 – 20,000 [1,100]

From Tsh 20,000 – 50,000 [1,200]

From Tsh 50,001 – 100,000 [1,300]

From Tsh 100,001 – 200,0000 [1,400]

From Tsh 200,001 – 400,000 [1,500]

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