Malipo ya Sensa 2022

Malipo ya Sensa 2022 | Census Payments

Malipo ya Sensa 2022 | Census Payments | Mshahara wa sensa 2022. Population and housing census is a process of collecting, analyzing, evaluating and publishing and disseminating demographic, economic and social data related to all persons and their settlements in a country for a specified period

The census is a special programe of the people of the country of Tanzania that helps to find the total number of population of all citizens children from adult this system is done every 10 years here in Tanzania.


The last time the census was conducted was in 2012 and now in 2022 it is once again on the 23rd of August, every time people who are Tanzanians are elected to run this event in every part of the country they are acting as clerks and supervisors. of census.

Malipo ya Sensa 2022

The following are the few payments details that will be paid to census workers MAKARANI and others

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