Names Call for Work JESHI LA POLISI, March 2023

Names Call for Work JESHI LA POLISI – Majina walioitwa Kazini. The Tanzania Police Force was officially established on August 25, 1919 by an English Government announcement from the Gazette No.Vol.1 No.21-2583 at that time it was called the Tanganyika Police Force.

But the army was legally established by the Police Force Act of 1939 [THE POLICE FORCE AND AUXILIARY SERVICES ACT OF 1939) PRINCIPAL LEGISLATION. This law is in force until now, although it has been amended from time to time.


Later in 1921, a group of Police Inspectors from Europe arrived in Tanganyika and established a specialized police training school in Morogoro Region, which met their needs and found enough professional soldiers.

Names Call for Work JESHI LA POLISI.

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