Program dish remote to tv without code

Program dish remote to tv without code – Dish tv is the best options because it have high number of channels that will be offered to you, Here we have some tips on how to Make dish remote without any code knowledge.

But the good one that make Dish tv useful is remote, this will provide wide option to choose channel to watch on your TV


The dish Remote has programmed to control network that received from your dish and others devices such as sound system and TV at the same time.

So in this article i will teach you on how to program your dish remote to control the tv without any code knowledge.

Program dish remote to tv without code

First this depend on which kind of remote model you have. if you don’t sure about the model of dish remote you using, you may ask friends and neighbors about it and they will answer your problem.

Because this is important thing to know before starting the following method.

STEP 1. Select the Home button on your Dish remote twice. With remote model 40.0, you can press the Menu button once as it does not have a Home button.

STEP 2. Select ‘Settings’ and choose ‘Remote Control’ from the menu displayed.

STEP 3. Select the device that you want to pair your Dish remote to.

STEP 4. Choose the ‘Pairing Wizard’ option from the menu.

STEP 5. Select the correct brand of the device that you are trying to connect to your Dish remote.

STEP 6. The pairing wizard will now proceed to try a few different device codes on the device you wish to pair with. Follow the instructions that appear on your screen, which may involve pressing either the Volume or Power buttons to test if the pairing worked. Program dish remote to tv without code

STEP 7. If the pairing was successful, select ‘Finish’ on the screen. If not, choose ‘Try Next Code’ and repeat until successful. 


After reading different articles from different sources, those above are the steps that will help you to connect the dish remote to tv without code. But make sure the mode of the Dish remote is the same as the mode of the remote used in this article.

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