PYEI Phase 4 application

PYEI Phase 4 application | When will it be Released

PYEI Phase 4 application | When will it be Released, The third phase of the presidential youth employment initiative (PYEI) implemented as Basic education employment initiative (BEEI) has been making a good progress as it ends towards completion many people would like to know the updates regarding the phase 4.

As of 1 July 2022 The phase III is left with tow months before it ends on 31 august 2022, to date the PYEI in the education sector has created many jobs.


More 830,000 employment opportunities thus making a meaningful contribution to address the problem of youth unemployment an poverty.

when will PYEI Phase 4 application start ?

The department of basic education has not stated the official date for the opening of PYEI phase 4 but the Chief Director of Communications and Media Elijah Mhlanga, said that the Phase 4 is loading, as this will come after the closing of the third phase in august.

Among the key opportunities of the PYEI-BEEI is to provide a meaningful work experience and learning opportunities to the beneficiaries. as this is critical the employability of those who are employed as assistants in public schools across the country.

it is event more important employers are looking for skills that can get the job easily done. one of the main impediments young people gaining access to employment is lack of relevant experience that’s why important programs like the Presidential youth employment can help tackle this problem. PYEI Phase 4 application

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