Mfano wa barua ya Maombi ya Kazi

Are you looking for Jobs? here we have a Sample of Application letter | Mfano wa barua ya Maombi ya Kazi that you will use on you’re application

The company seeks an Employer every day, every time, and they have many requirements before being recruited, someone.


Also, many people are searching for Jobs, which make it difficult to get a job so some companies need to conduct Interview to get perfect employees.

But before an interview, companies look at a few kinds of stuff example Cv and an application letter. The Good Applications letter will inspire Company to call you for an Interview. Mfano wa barua ya Maombi ya Kazi

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Mfano wa barua ya Maombi ya Kazi here we have one sample of the Application letter that will help you to be called for an Interview, You can check the Image below

Another Sample of Application Letter

For those above we use Education Teaching Job as an example, So that you can change those job positions at you’re Position. Let’s say you are an Engineer you can change from Teaching to Engineer in that Letter but Make sure don’t change the Meaning or mix the meaning with teaching.


As I said in the second paragraph, Many Companies are looking for a few things during the Application, for example, Curriculum Vitae and Application letter. The Good Cv and Application Letter have a High chance of Being called for an Interview.

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