Vyuo Bora Vya IT Tanzania 2023 | Best IT University in Tanzania

If your students and you need to be Information Technicians here we have a list of Vyuo Bora Vya IT Tanzania 2023 | Best IT University in Tanzania.

Every student has their ambition about which course he/she will study at a High education level [University], This will make them more effectivity in their study if they reach university because they study what they want.


This is not only important thing to note the selection of universities is important Because many universities offer those courses differently.

If a student chooses Good University he/she will become good in that career that choosing randomly a university to study that course without knowing that the university is Good at teaching.

Nowadays many companies choose employees by looking at their educational background such as University studies. If you graduate from a good University you have a high chance to be recruited than others who graduate from normal colleges or universities.

In Tanzania courses like Information Technology are offered by different universities, but the best universities make graduates more potential in Marketing.

Because this course is more useful to be self-employed than being employed by others few universities train students to focus more on a self-employed than being employed.

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Vyuo Bora Vya IT Tanzania 2023

Here we have Few Universities Vyuo Bora Vya IT Tanzania 2023, Institutions that are the best in Information Technology Courses.

  1. Dar es Salaam Institute of Tehnology [DIT]
  2. St. Joseph University of Tanzania [SJUT]
  3. University of Dar es Salaam [UDSM]
  4. Mbeya University of Science and Technology [MUST]
  5. University of Dodoma [UDOM]


Due to Technology constantly changing, the biggest challenge faced by many companies is trying to adapt to problem-solving and evolve. By studying Information Technology you will problem-solving skills, as well as develop your own creativity and ability to find solutions to the challenge.

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