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CAF Champions League 2023/24 Draw, Fixtures and Standings

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Welcome, dear football enthusiasts, to our comprehensive guide to the CAF Champions League 2023/24 – Teams, Fixtures, and Draw. This year, we celebrate the 60th edition of this electrifying event, officially christened the 2023-24 TotalEnergies CAF Champions League, in honor of our generous sponsors.

This tournament, a brainchild of the Confederation of African Football (CAF), stands as a testament to the passion and talent that Africa harbors. This year marks the 28th occasion where the event is held under the revered title of the CAF Champions League.

Regarded as one of the most distinguished club competitions on the African continent, the CAF Champions League draws in the crème de la crème of African club football. Teams from every corner of Africa battle it out, each eager to claim the prestigious title. The tournament unfolds with a series of nail-biting knockout rounds, commencing with the preliminary stage, and culminates with the much-anticipated final match.

Throughout this football extravaganza, clubs from diverse African nations compete in home and away fixtures, putting their skills, strategies, and determination on full display. The matches span several months, with the final usually reserved for the closing stages of the tournament, adding to the suspense and excitement that this event is renowned for.

CAF Champions League 2023/24 Draw, Fixtures and Standings

Imagine being crowned the champion of the revered 2023-24 TotalEnergies CAF Champions League! Not only will the triumphant team bask in the glory of being the top African club, but they\’ll also get an incredible chance to showcase their talent on the world stage. Yes, you heard it right! The victorious team will proudly represent Africa in the prestigious FIFA Club World Cup, going head to head with the champions of other continental confederations. What a thrilling opportunity to demonstrate African soccer prowess to the world!

Unveiling the 2023 CAF Champions League\’s First Preliminary Round Draw

Time, Match Date Home Team Visiting Team
1:00, 18/08/2023 Hafia FC faces off against Génération Foot
1:00, 18/08/2023 ASGNN clashes with Douanes
1:00, 18/08/2023 Bo Rangers battles LISCR
1:00, 18/08/2023 Medeama SC goes head to head with Remo Stars
1:00, 18/08/2023 KMKM FC takes on Kedus Giorgis
1:00, 18/08/2023 APR FC meets Gaadiidka
1:00, 18/08/2023 CS Bendje vs Bumamuru
1:00, 18/08/2023 African Stars FC vs Power Dynamos
1:00, 18/08/2023 Songo vs Green Mamba
1:00, 18/08/2023 El Dragons vs Nyasa Big Bullets
1:00, 18/08/2023 Al Ahli Benghazi vs Enyimba
1:00, 18/08/2023 Coton Sport Ouidah vs ASEC Mimosas
1:00, 18/08/2023 CS Constantine vs Etoile du Sahel
1:00, 18/08/2023 ASKO de Kara vs FAR Rabat
1:00, 18/08/2023 Réal Bamako vs Cotonsport
1:00, 18/08/2023 Nouadhibou vs Al Ahli Tripoli
1:00, 18/08/2023 1º de Agosto vs Vita Club
1:00, 18/08/2023 Wau Salaam vs Al Hilal Omdurman
1:00, 18/08/2023 Otôho d\’Oyo vs Al Merreikh
1:00, 18/08/2023 ASAS vs Young Africans
1:00, 18/08/2023 Galaxy vs Vipers
1:00, 18/08/2023 Djabal Club vs Orlando Pirates

Draw for the 2023 CAF Champions League\’s Second Preliminary Round



A Sneak Peek into the 2023/24 CAF Champions League Draw and Fixtures

Here\’s the Exciting Calendar for the 2023–24 CAF Champions League
Phase Round Draw date First leg Second leg
Qualifying rounds First round 2023 18–19 August 2023 25–26 August 2023
Second round 15–16 September 2023 29–30 September 2023
Group stage Matchday 1 November 2023 1–2 December 2023
Matchday 2 8–9 December 2023
Matchday 3 19 December 2023
Matchday 4 9–10 February 2024
Matchday 5 16–17 February 2024
Matchday 6 27 February 2024
Knockout stage Quarter-finals March 2024 15–16 March 2024 29–30 March 2024
Semi-finals 12–13 April 2024 19–20 April 2024
Final 5 May 2024 12 May 2024

Imagine this: you\’re the triumphant team of the 2023-24 CAF Champions League. You\’ve fought hard, and now you\’re reaping the rewards. One of the prime perks? An automatic ticket to the tournament\’s next edition, the 2024-25 CAF Champions League. Yes, that\’s right, you\’ve earned the chance to defend your hard-won title against the crème de la crème of African football clubs.

But wait, there\’s more. Your victory also unlocks the doorway to the prestigious 2024 CAF Super Cup. Wondering what the CAF Super Cup is? Well, it\’s an annual face-off between the champions of the CAF Champions League and the victors of the CAF Confederation Cup. This thrilling clash determines the ultimate champion amongst the two eminent club competitions on the continent.

As the 2023-24 CAF Champions League winners, you\’ll be locking horns with the champions of the 2023-24 CAF Confederation Cup in the 2024 CAF Super Cup. This electrifying matchup adds a whole new level of exhilaration, as it gathers the top teams from both tournaments in a high-stakes battle to determine the undisputed African club champion.


Here is the PDF: caf-cl-draw-procedures-procédure-de-tirage-au-sort

Understanding the draw procedures for the CAF Champions League 2023/24 is crucial to following the tournament closely. As a fan, knowing how the teams are placed in groups gives you a better perspective of the competition\’s dynamics. These procedures are developed and implemented by the Confederation of African Football (CAF) and aim to ensure fairness, transparency, and excitement in the competition.

Pre-draw Stage

Before the draw, teams are ranked based on the CAF 5-Year Ranking system, which considers their performances in CAF competitions over the past five seasons. This ranking plays a role in determining the seeding of teams.

Draw Procedure

The draw procedure for the CAF Champions League 2023/24 is as follows:

  1. Seeding: Teams are separated into two pots based on their rankings. The top-ranked teams are placed in Pot 1, while the remaining teams are placed in Pot 2.
  2. Grouping: The teams from Pot 1 are drawn into four groups (A, B, C, D), each containing one team. Then, the teams from Pot 2 are drawn likewise into these groups.
  3. Positioning: Each team\’s position within their group (1, 2, 3, or 4) is determined by a separate draw.

Note: Teams from the same country cannot be drawn in the same group, enhancing the diversity and competitive spirit of the competition.

Post-draw Stage

Following the draw, the group stage fixtures are decided. Each team plays the others in its group twice, once at home and once away. The top two teams from each group advance to the quarterfinals, while the rest are eliminated.

Stay tuned for more updates on the CAF Champions League 2023/24 fixtures and standings. It\’s going to be an exciting season of African club football!

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