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Richards Bay vs Sundowns Starting lineup & Live Score 23/08/2023

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Follow the Richards Bay vs Mamelodi Sundowns Starting lineup and results in Live Score updates at 17:00 local time on 23rd Aug 2023. The match is PSL Fixtures that will take place in Durban at King Goodwill Zwelithini Stadium.


Richards Bay vs Sundowns Starting lineup

While we wait for the confirmed Starting lineups let us preview the key players for this match and predict the squad.

Sundowns\’ Key Player To Watch

Jody February:

Goalkeeping: February boasts top-notch goalkeeping skills that make him a formidable force between the posts. His uncanny ability to predict the path of the ball and make quick saves is one of his standout qualities.

Reflexes: His exceptional reflexes are crucial for making last-minute saves, preventing certain goals, and keeping Sundowns in the game.

Leadership: Known for his command in the 18-yard box, Jody showcases excellent leadership skills that reassure the defensive line.

Lyle Lakay:

Speed: Lakay\’s lightning-fast speed makes him a constant threat to opposition defenses. His ability to outrun his opponents is a key part of his gameplay.

Crossing: Lyle provides excellent crosses into the box, making him an invaluable asset in creating scoring opportunities for his team.

Endurance: Lakay is known for his stamina, which allows him to maintain a high level of play throughout the full 90 minutes.

Gomolemo Grant Kekana:

Defending: Kekana\’s defensive skills are top-tier. His ability to tackle, block, and intercept passes makes him a vital part of the Sundowns\’ defense.

Strength: Grant’s physical strength is noteworthy. He uses it effectively to hold off opponents and protect the ball.

Passing: His accurate short and long passes help to facilitate transitions from defense to attack.

Mosa Lebusa:

Marking: Lebusa\’s man-marking skills are exceptional, making it difficult for attacking players to get past him.

Heading: His ability to win aerial duels, both defensively and offensively, is a crucial part of his skill set.

Awareness: Mosa\’s situational awareness helps him make smart decisions on the pitch, intercepting passes and making timely tackles.

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Richards Bay Key Players

Bandile Ndlovu

Superior Ball Control: Ndlovu is well-known for his exceptional ability to control the ball under pressure. His skills in holding the ball make him a crucial asset in maintaining possession during the game.

Strategic Playmaking: With his precise vision and understanding of the field, Bandile possesses the crucial ability to create scoring opportunities for his team, establishing himself as a tactful playmaker.

Letsie Koapeng

Powerful Striker: Koapeng\’s powerful strikes are a constant threat to the opposition. His ability to shoot from distance and convert chances into goals is admirable.

Physical Strength: Letsie\’s physical presence on the field is undeniable. His ability to outmuscle opponents gives him an edge in aerial duels and defensive situations.

Somila Ntsundwana

Speed and Agility: Somila\’s pace and quick responses allow him to outrun opponents, making him a valuable forward during counter-attacks.

Excellent Dribbling: Ntsundwana\’s dribbling skills often leave the opposition in the dust. His ability to weave through defensive lines is a significant attribute of his gameplay.


Richards Bay vs Mamelodi Sundowns Live Score

Below you will be able to check the official starting lineups and match live events. Details will Be out just an hour before the match.


Head to Head: Richards Bay vs Mamelodi Sundowns

Total Meetings recently 2
Richards Bay Wins 0
Mamelodi Sundowns Wins 2
Draws 0
Richards Bay Goals 0
Mamelodi Sundowns Goals 3

Mamelodi Sundowns seems to be the leader of the direct meetings against Richards Bay, with 2 wins (Richards Bay has 0 wins)


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