ALAF Limited, New Vacancies

The company was established in October 1960 with an initial objective of developing the ‘Aluminium and Steel Industrial Complex’ in Tanzania. Since then, ALAF (formerly called Aluminium Africa Limited) has established itself as a leading producer of steel roofing and related products in the country. In its endeavor to provide world class roofing products, ALAF Limited graduated to using Aluminium-Zinc steel coating technology in 2010.

With over 36 businesses, and insights gathered over 50 years, it has remained at the forefront in developing and providing products that lead the industry.

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To complement its roofing brands, specialist products have been developed by the Safal Group – such as fastener products, steel pipes and hollow sections, and other value-added accessories for the building industry.

ALAF Limited, New Vacancies

For more information about these vacancies opportunities announced and to apply please download attachment PDF document below


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